Five Big Business Books Publishing Next Month (May 2017)

About 291 new ISBNs (products) are scheduled to ship in the Business and Self Help categories in May, 2017.  We combed through the list and quickly pulled out some projected winners (not saying the rest are losers).  Here’s the list and our reasoning for each:

William Morrow
One Minute Mentoring

Here’s a slam dunk.  Ken Blanchard is a business book legend and this new one carries over the classic “One Minute Manager” look and style (aka ‘branding’).  He has a fully loaded web platform and has hired a heavy hitting PR team to get this new release everywhere online.



Women Who Work

I’m not sure who will buy more of this book – the diehard Trump fans or the people that just want to rip it apart.  Either way, I’m betting bestseller just due to the “Trump” factor.  I know – really stepping out on the ledge.  You can also bet on lots of media coverage and bought shelf space.


Center Street
The Power of Significance

John Maxwell is a self-help machine.  Looks like this is one of four books he’s cranking out this year.  “My name is John Maxwell and I’m your friend.”  Whoa.  These books are basically a gateway drug into the Maxwell World.  Go to the site and you’ll see a store (that looks nothing like the main site) that sells everything from the books to DVDs and workshops.  An empire that rolls on!


St. Martin’s Griffin
You Don’t Have to Be a Shark

A paperback version from a shark.  Good chance you’ll see this on the tables in stores and across traditional media (CNBC, etc).  Traditionally, these major personalities suck of a lot of the marketing dollars. If you’re one of the other 285 books hitting the shelves this month, it’s up to you to make something happen.  What’s your plan?


Leaders Eat Last

Another paperback release but this author is a hustler. He’s got a couple powerful books and he built a stable or products around them. His site is a little disjointed, and unclear although it looks nice.  Oh – that’s a big thing.  Authors will dump all the money in getting a site that looks great – but they forget that it has to convert.  These aren’t business cards – your website should be a platform that speaks to a specific audience with a clear message and action plan.  “Imagine a world where we feel safe at work” in a slider isn’t really it (but that font is cool).


White Hot Truth

I said 5 but went with 6.  Danielle Laporte has been showing up on some podcasts on my phone (even though I’ve had no prior knowledge of her), and she’s tearing it up.  There’s a lot going on with the site – another slick design but I’m not sure what visitors are supposed to do.  That’s an issue.  But, there are no social networking links in the main navigation and that gets points. High five!

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